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Amazon Echo prices slashed as big new deals and offers revealed by Amazon

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If you’ve been waiting to buy an Amazon Echo then now is a good time to go shopping.

The online retailer has just announced a fresh swathe of price cuts with a number of Echo devices getting a lower cost.

Speakers that are part of the Valentine’s Day deals include the standard Echo along with the new Echo Dot, Echo Show and Echo Spot.

So, if you are considering buying an Alexa-powered gadget here’s all the best deals from Amazon.

The standard Echo is currently on sale for just £69.99 which is a saving of £20 off the original price.

As a quick reminder, the Echo features 360 degree omnidirectional audio with Dolby processing

There’s also seven microphones with beam-forming technology and noise cancellation allowing the Echo to hears your voice commands from any direction-even while music is playing.


The new Echo Dot was announced late last year and includes a more appealing design and 70 per cent louder sound.

Since it went on sale in 2018 it’s been incredibly hard to get hold of with Amazon out of stock since December.

The latest news is that these entry-level speakers will be available in early March.

However, despite a wait for delivery, you can still order the Dot with Amazon offering a £5 discount which reduces the price to £44.98.

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