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Ambassador Ahmed Elfadaly: Brotherhood succeeded in spreading sectarian strife in Egypt


Elfadaly: We reject the establishment of atheist or Shiite parties

Ambassador Ahmed Elfadaly, head of the Independence Current, expressed his rejection of the establishment of atheist or Shiite parties in Egypt, explaining that this would spread chaos on the political and social level.
Elfadaly said in a press statement that the establishment of such parties violates the Constitution, which stipulates respect for the rituals of other religions, noting at the same time that this opens the door to demand the dissolution of all parties based on sectarian religious basis.
Elfadaly called on the government to filter human rights organizations and prosecute anyone involved in any form of acts, reports or writings against the state and its great army. He also called for punishing everyone who contributes to spreading rumors on social media sites regarding the status of military operations in Sinai, or dissent the decision announced by the military spokesman in this regard.

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