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Apple Watch IMPROVED and here’s five of the best new features coming soon

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We all know about heart health and keeping fit but Apple now wants to keep an eye on your hearing.

In watchOS 6, users will get access to a new Noise app which monitors background sound levels via a real-time decibel meter.

If things get too loud then you can be alerted to stop any damage happening to your hearing.

The Apple Watch will be the only device that will allow access to this new monitor when the update arrives later this year.

Another extra is the ability to check if you are playing music through your headphones at a volume that is too high.

Apple continues to improve its fitness features with the Apple Watch soon able to show workout data for your entire year.

Another bonus coming in watchOS 6 is the new Cycle Tracking app.

This will give women the ability to log important information related to their menstrual cycles and see predicted timing for their next period and fertile window using the convenience of Apple Watch.

If you love hitting the gym there’s also news that Apple GymKit compatibility will soon extend to manufacturers Octane Fitness, TRUE Fitness and Woodway, connecting Apple Watch to more cardio equipment in clubs around the world.

If you’re getting a little bored of the current digital faces that are available on the Apple Watch then don’t fret.

Apple has just announced that new designs are inbound with the launch of watchOS 6.

In fact, the US firm says that it will introduce some dynamic new watch faces later this year which not only change the way your watch will look but also offer more personalisation and access to favourite apps, contacts and information.

The new designs include Modular Compact, Solar Dial, California, Gradient and Numerals faces.

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