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Brexit Boosting: Donald Trump could be on the verge of giving Boris Johnson a huge honor

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Those close to President Donald Trump are contemplating whether to make Mr Johnson the offer. It will come as a way of building bridges between the Atlantic cousins, just days after the UK is supposed to leave the European Union, January 31.

According to the Telegraph, sources have said that a visit to the US is scheduled for either the second or third week of February.

This will be before Trump makes a start on campaigning for the next election.

The Republican President is seeking a second term.

Should Mr Johnson makes the addresses, he would only be the sixth UK Prime Minister to do so.
Others include Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown, and Tony Blair.

The event entails elected members from the two chambers of Congress sitting in attendance for a speech by the visiting leader.

It is a highly sought after event.
She is a Democract, which could throw a curveball Mr Johnson’s way.

She has been described as “lukewarm” around Brexit.

In one of the most notable cases, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, made an address in 2018.
Mr Johnson has met with the President before in the US.

Last September, the pair met at the general assembly of the United Nations.

The idea of the President coming to the UK is also being touted.

It will be on a date which marks Britain’s 75th Victory in Europe celebration commemorating the end of World War Two.

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