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Brexit LIVE: Secret European Union conspiracy to hand over Boris Johnson business deal worse than REVEALED CANADA


The European Commission has told member states that it would not be unwise to allow some UK industry bodies to certify that goods are in line with EU standards. The medicine and car manufacturing industries are set to be hit hardest under the arrangements. Brussels will rule out a so-called Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) which would enable the smooth movement of some goods if the UK aims for only a basic trade deal.

There are fears in Brussels that if the UK retains easy access to the single market while at the same time having the benefit of striking trade deals around the world it will come out on top.

An EU diplomatic source questioned why the bloc would be willing to provide Britain with “a competitive edge to have the UK as an authorised testing lab on our shores”.

The Prime Minister has said he will seek a super Canada plus trade deal with the EU after Brexit Day on January 31.

But critics have pointed out that the deal took seven years to sign while the Brexit transition period will come to a close on December 31, 2020.
Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and Down Under is not a substitute for Britain’s ties with Brussels.

In an interview with BBC Newsnight he said the UK had found itself in a “challenging” position after it had chosen to leave the world’s largest free trade zone.

Mr Turnbull told presenter Emily Maitlis, he said: “The reality is that, as you know very well, half of your trade more or less goes to the European Union.

“Britain’s trade with Australia is a very small percentage, as indeed it is for Canada and other countries in the Commonwealth.

“So, you know, the reality is that we in Australia wish Britain the very best. We are great friends.

“When I was PM, when the Brexit vote was carried I immediately said to David Cameron and then to his successor Theresa May ‘we will do a free trade deal with you, we’d look forward to it but it’s not a substitute for the European Union’.

“The problem that Britain faces today is simply this: in an age of rising protectionism, the Untied Kingdom has chosen to walk out of the biggest free trade area in the world and its economic prospects, its trade prospects now depend on cutting new and better deals with a whole range of countries, not least of which of course is the EU itself. So it’s a challenging time for you.”

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