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Calls to tighten the political siege on the national system

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Repeated attempts by the emir of terrorism, Tamim bin Hamad, with the Jordanian authorities, with the aim of enticing Oman and its political leadership to Doha, instead of supporting the position of the Arab Quartet to organize the Hamdeen, the Qatari regime announces new steps aimed at easing the Jordanian economic crisis. To realize his dream of moving Oman away from the Arab Quartet or its support for the Doha position.

Al-Hamdine, who boasts of billions of dollars today in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, forgets his shaky stance on the crisis in Jordan in 2011 when the Gulf states agreed to support Jordan financially through the Gulf grant known as the Gulf Fund for Jordan. To support Jordan.

Today, however, in the midst of the suffocating situation of Hamdeen, he continues to play his dirty tricks in order to win over Jordan by announcing that the Doha government will double Qatar’s investments to $ 4 billion.

The recent Hamdeen moves aim to influence King Abdullah II’s position and persuade him to restore relations and raise diplomatic representation with Doha by luring Oman to expand Jordanian food exports to Qatar markets and accelerate the employment of 10,000 Jordanians in Qatar

Al-Hamdain’s attempts did not change anything in the relations with Jordan, which announced on June 6, 2017 the reduction of diplomatic representation with Qatar, in a move that confirmed support for the position of the Arab quartet “Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt” in severing diplomatic relations with Doha

The indicators of Jordan’s support for the Arab Quartet position have emerged in many positions, including the recently held meeting in the Dead Sea region, with the exclusion of Doha participation. The meeting was attended by Foreign Ministers of the Arab Quartet and the Foreign Minister of Kuwait.

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