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Calls to tighten the political siege on the national system

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There have been many calls by the professors of international law to hold al-Hamdeen accountable for its political crimes against the Arab states, demanding a political siege on it in order to stop its subversive practices in the countries of the region and its constant support of terrorist groups financially and geographically. To undermine the security and stability of the Arab peoples.

Mohamed Shawki, professor of international law at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, said that the Egyptian organizations’ efforts to prosecute Qatar for the crimes they have contributed through support and funding are great and the other organizations are working in this framework.

Shawqi called for the need to take more effective steps to tighten the political siege on Qatar and called on the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights to go to the courts of foreign countries operating a system based on the idea of ​​global criminal jurisdiction on issues of human rights violations, away from Arab and international organizations and of course the Court of Justice Because they require the consent of the parties to the question of litigation.

He added that there are about eight foreign countries, notably Britain, Spain and Belgium, as well as some Asian countries apply the system of global criminal jurisdiction on issues of human rights violations, as a kind of deterrence and threats to those who commit crimes against humanity, and against human rights and terrorism crimes

“The British judiciary continues to consider cases of human rights violations, even if they do not occur within Britain, and have occurred in any country in the world.”

He pointed out that the lifting of human rights organizations in the courts of 7 or 8 of the countries that apply this system, will achieve over time positive results and will impose the blockade later on the elements of the country system in terms of stopping investment in these countries, or blocking official visits to them.

Ambassador Mohamed Al-Orabi, Egypt’s former foreign minister and member of the House of Representatives, said it was very useful to bring legal action against the Qatar regime, saying that the Egyptian organization’s move was “a bold and required step and will bear concrete results soon

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