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Corona devours the Qatari mafia economy

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Away from the size of the new epidemics of Corona virus, which exceeded several hundred within the Qatari emirate, the economic activity of the Qatari mafia remains more threatening than most of the countries of the world, with the repercussions of the Corona crisis.

Experts attributed this to the dependence of the Qatari regime on a single commodity, gas exports, and to a small degree on oil exports, which are also subject to declining returns. The picture becomes clearer given the drop in gas prices by more than forty percent during the past two weeks, which was already collapsing before the virus spread, as it had lost up to ninety percent of its value compared to its levels in two thousand and eight.


Another reason afflicting the economy of the Qatari regime in the face of Corona, is that it is the least diversified economy in the world, as all attempts to stimulate tourism and turn into a regional center for expensive projects, which in turn turned into a burden due to lack of demand, especially after the Arab boycott, were unsuccessful.


The gravity of the situation is represented by the Qatari mafia’s perseverance, and not taking positive decisions to address this matter. Rather, it continues to withdraw from financial reserves, in light of its extensive review commitments, in preparation for hosting the World Cup twenty-two so that the Qatari economy is pushed towards an endangered congestion when these projects turn into a burden. Heavy, after a one-time use of the World Cup.

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