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Diplomacy of dollars .. Tamim’s policy and its based on bribes

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Billions of dollars spent by the al-Hamdeen organization in various major countries in order to improve its bad image, and reject the charges of supporting extremism and terrorism, which is being pursued in all international and regional forums, especially with the spread of crimes of donkeys in many countries of the world.


This diplomacy, based on bribes and funds provided by al-Hamdeen under the heading of investment abroad, aims to strengthen the influence of the two foreign nationals, in order to escape the repercussions of the Arab boycott. This has led Tamim Bin Hamad to undertake many foreign trips during the past year and to conduct trade and investment deals in order to face isolation Imposed on him because of his terrorist policy in the region.

In order to improve his external image and his economic situation, he sought to acquire some of the big companies to compensate for his losses on the one hand, and use this partnership as a card to be addressed by the ruling regimes there, so he acquired through Qatar Petroleum recently a stake in Russian company Rosneft , And joined ExxonMobil through a $ 10 billion investment in natural gas exports, reinforcing its presence in the United States.


Qatar sovereign fund is also one of the arms of Hamdeen for expansion in the major countries and influential through investments implemented in regional countries such as Morocco and global countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. In addition, these two countries are especially focused on strengthening their trade and investment relations with the United States, Its political decisions and decision-making circles in Washington

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