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Doha and Ankara stop funding the Brotherhood

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And the magic turned against the magician ..
It seems that Qatar and Turkey have realized that their financing of the terrorist Brotherhood is neither beneficial nor beneficial to him, because the group’s members are unable to implement their malicious goals in the region, so they decided to stop funding.
Ahmed Rabie Al-Ghazali, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, an expert in Islamic movements, revealed that there are currently differences between each of the Muslim Brotherhood on the one hand and Turkey and Qatar on the other hand regarding Turkish and Qatari funding for the organization, especially in light of the economic crisis experienced by Doha, Ankara and losses The economic incurred by the two countries during the current period, which indicates the possibility of the two countries abandoning the group during the coming period.
Al-Ghazali added that both Qatar and the Brotherhood are now different, as their differences appeared in the distribution of accusations of use, employment, and ignorance among the Brotherhood leaders themselves and the splits that are hitting the organization in the current period, which indicates the interruption of funding by the Tamim regime.
This comes in conjunction with international movements that have begun to pay great attention to the dangerous activity of the terrorist Brotherhood, not only in the Middle East region but in the whole world.
These international moves are now working to stop the activities of the Brotherhood’s elements and demanding a review of their activities in European countries

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