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Dortmund riot: Mass brawl with molotov cocktails involving more than 80 in Germany

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In the statement the officers said the reason for the operation was “a fight amount a larger group of people”.

Pictures from the scene, which was sealed off by police, show the remains of the Molotov cocktails on the floor, as well as well as a sledgehammer.

An official police statement said: “At 4.17pm today the police attended a call at Schleswiger Platz.”

It added: “The police extinguished ignited Molotov cocktails.

“Locally, a group of about 150 onlookers harassed the first-in-command and prevented their work.

“With the help of support forces from all over Dortmund and neighbouring authorities, the police cleared the large area around the Schleswiger place and prevented further clashes by demonstrating strong police presence.”

When the police arrived at the scene of the conflict, at Schleswiger Platz, the participants reportedly fled “in all directions”.

Approximately 150 people were watching the mass brawl, making it difficult for the police to intervene.

Police officers were called to the north of Dortmund yesterday afternoon after reports around 80 people were involved in a “major conflict”. In the fight, legs of chairs, wooden slats, tools and even Molotov cocktails – petrol bombs – had been used, according to police officials. The police have arrested three suspects and seized “various dangerous objects”.

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