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Downton Abbey RECAP: Where are all the main characters now?

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The Downton Abbey movie is released this weekend, but it’s been a good four years since the series’ final episode. The cinematic outing is set two years after that 1926 New Year’s Day scene, as King George V comes to visit. Having been through all kinds of highs and lows, not to mention marriages and babies, just where are all the main characters at the start of the film? Here’s an update on both upstairs and downstairs.

The former Under-butler attempted to take his own life in 1925 but was saved by the other servants. The experience changed him for the better, realising his negative behaviour had made him feel low and saw that happiness could come from his friendships.

As mentioned above, Barrow is now the butler of Downton Abbey but isn’t happy with Carson coming back to take his role.

Meanwhile, the movie trailer saw Barrow dancing with a man, suggesting the secretly gay butler may find a partner.

The last episode suggested a potential romance between the pair, while Mr Molesley had left the service for a teaching position at the school. Nevertheless, it looks like he’s been brought back for the film’s Royal visit.

Mrs Patmore and Mr Mason (Lesley Nicol and Paul Copley)
Another romance may be brewing between Downton’s cook and the farmer, as suggested in the finale. However, it doesn’t look like Mr Mason is in the movie.

Daisy and Andy (Sophie McShera and Michael C Fox)
The final episode saw Andy try to woo Daisy, however, she was uninterested for a while until she grew fond of him.

She also decided to go and live on Mr Mason’s farm, the father of her late husband William. Perhaps Daisy and Andy will get married?


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