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Editors’ Picks: 14 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week February 25

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Two of the Lower East Side’s strongest galleries team up to present a joint exhibition of works by Purvis Young in the first New York show of his work in over a decade. It’s the latest in what’s been—and will continue to be—a big year for the late Miami artist. A retrospective of his work is on view now at the Rubell Family Collection in Florida, while a special exhibition dedicated to the artist is planned for the Venice Biennale later this year.

If the Guggenheim’s extensive survey of Robert Mapplethorpe‘s work just isn’t enough for you, check out the museum’s screening of the 2016 HBO film Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures. The film’s title is a quote spoken by then-senator Jesse Helms during the peak of the culture wars that were ignited, in large part, by Mapplethorpe’s photographs. Standing in Congress in 1989, Helms made a plea for Americans to “look at the pictures” that he was taking a stand against. This movie takes those words to heart and looks deeply at the photographs—and the maelstrom of Mapplethorpe’s art and legacy.

Caroline Berler, Alexa Cassaro, Annie Rose Malamet, Antonio Pulgarin, and Eric Rhein will engage in a panel discussion about how their artworks are influenced by their queer identities and the ongoing quest for queer liberation.

This exhibition of new works by Derrick Adams, was curated by Francesco Bonami. The works are inspired by a tenet of Catholic theology that describes “a life which seeks God in everything.” The show is a mediation on the intimate spaces of one’s mind and home and includes portraits on paper from the artist’s ongoing “Deconstruction Worker” series, installed on custom wallpaper depicting imaginary domestic environments.

Michael Joseph’s 27 large-scale, black-and-white photographs in his new show look like they were taken for a high-end fashion magazine, but he’s actually captured teenagers and adults on the fringes of society who travel the country by hopping freight trains or hitchhiking.

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