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European Union crisis: Hungarian Urban threatens to destroy the largest party in the European Union against Macron

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Mr Orban also hit out at the largest party in the European Parliament, the European People’s Party (EPP), as he called for its total reconstruction. The Hungarian Prime Minister has been a thorn in the side of Brussels, with his ruling party, Fidesz being suspended from the EPP last March.

Mr Orban said: “We are not interested in the EPP as it is today.

“We are interested in the future EPP, and the future EPP should be different.

“If EPP is unable to change itself in another direction, I think in the future European politics will need a new European initiative which is Christian Democrat.

“If we cannot reach a change inside EPP, we will initiate something new in the European politics.”
He also claimed the EPP, despite being the biggest party in Parliament, was “losing influence and getting weaker”.

Moreover, he argued the party was shifting from its traditional base and was becoming too “liberal” and “socialist”.

During his press conference the Hungarian Prime Minister, also told of “dramatic changes” in the European party landscape.

With his party’s membership currently suspended, Mr Orban called for a reconstructing of the group or even the possibility of a new group combining Fidesz, Italy’s League Party and Poland’s Law and Justice party (PiS).
All three party’s have been critics of the EU, with the ruling PiS threatening withdraw from the bloc completely.

Moreover, following the meeting of three, a senior official in the Fidesz party told Politico they were considering the EPP.

Poland’s PiS party, is part of the European Conservatives and Reformists group within the EU Parliament while Italy’s League Party is a member of the far-right Identity & Democracy group.

In a sign of the potential break up of the EU Parliament, a senior ECR official told Politico, Mr Orban may want to join the group.
The also added the Hungarian Prime Minister wanted to “create something bigger” with three parties.

Following the impending departure of the UK from the EU, Mr Orban also praised Boris Johnson this week.

Mr Orban termed the Prime Minister as “one of the bravest European politicians” as the UK prepares to leave the trade bloc on January 31.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, claimed Brexit was a “fantastic opportunity”, as he lavished praise on Mr Johnson.

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