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Experts: Turkey lost its war in Syria

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There is no doubt that the successive losses of Erdogan and his army in Idlib are conclusive evidence of his loss of the war in Syria at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army, and this was demonstrated by his pleading to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their recent meeting to intervene to cease fire in the Syrian province in order not to lose more victims.
American expert Scott Ritter, the former United Nations weapons inspector, said in a report published by The American Conservative magazine that the loss of the city of Saraqib, the main strategy in Idlib, northwestern Syria, means that Turkey has lost the war to the Syrian government forces that have begun to almost completely take back control of the country. .
Ritter pointed out that the battle of Saraqib revolves around the dialogue to restore Syrian sovereignty over the entire territory of Syria, indicating that the matter for Turkey is related to securing permanent Turkish control and influence over Idlib governorate in northwestern Syria, stressing that in both cases Turkey has lost the battle in Syria
The American expert affirms that the ceasefire agreement between Ankara and Moscow on the fifth of March is considered a “surrender document for the Turks”, after Turkey was forced to undertake joint patrols on the highway with the Russian army, among its tasks would be to disarm the terrorist groups supported by Erdogan

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