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Galaxy S9 update does not fix the biggest problems with this phone

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released at the start of last year and was certainly an iterative improvement over the Galaxy S8 rather than a substantial overhaul thanks to its similar design and feature set.

This was surely part of the reason the phone failed to meet sales expectations.

In fact, last year a number of analysts were keen to insist the Galaxy S9 struggled to present Android fans with enough substantial features to upgrade.

Roberta Cozza, an analyst for technology consultancy firm Gartner, told the BBC: “It’s an exceptional phone but I don’t think there was enough differentiation.

“Bixby, for example, hasn’t been the success it had been hoping for.”

Meanwhile, another analyst, Ben Stanton, pointed to increased competition overall as a reason for the Galaxy S9’s limited successes.

Speaking back in July, he told the outlet: “What’s changed in the last 18 months is that the rate of commoditisation has become much faster, in terms of the speed with which specifications and design characteristics can be copied from one brand to the next.

“When the Galaxy S8 launched in 2017, it was a pioneering product and nothing looked like it.

“But now there is a flood of devices that are very similar and sometimes better priced.”

Samsung’s  One UI appears to be a way for the South Korean OEM to differentiate its products further.

However, believes the new software has not presented fans with enough new features or caught up with its competition to make it appealing.

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