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Google Chrome accesses Microsoft Edge and Safari through this major upgrade

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The Mountain View firm is introducing a new feature to Chrome on both smartphones and desktops which is specifically engineered to make browsing with a cavalcade of open pages less frustrating.

First, and perhaps most importantly, Google is allowing desktop users to see the page title and the URL when they hover over the shrunken tab at the top of the browser window. At the moment, when you open dozens of tabs within the same Chrome window, it’s impossible to find the URL without clicking on the tab itself.

With the latest update, Chrome users will be able to run their mouse across the tabs at the top of the browser to quickly scan through all of the websites that are currently open and running.

The firm went on: “If you have so many tabs open on your laptop that you can’t read the page titles anymore (guilty!), you can now preview your tabs by hovering over them with your cursor.

“For now you’ll see the page title, and soon you’ll see a thumbnail of the page too. Soon hovering over tabs will show the page title, and later this year the hover card will include a page thumbnail.”

On Android, Google is introducing a new grid layout for open tabs complete with a new folder system which should be supremely useful for managing a deluge of pages at once.

Google continued: “Ever lost track of tabs on your phone? Us too. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see Android’s new grid layout, which helps you select tabs more easily and preview thumbnails of the tabs you have open. (iOS users will already see this tab grid layout).

“There’s also a new way to group tabs on your Android device, which helps you keep track of the tabs that are open. To do this, drag and drop one tab on top of another in the new tab grid layout.

“After opening one of the grouped tabs, you can easily switch between the tabs in the group using the new tab switcher at the bottom of your screen.

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