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I want your blood, Russian artist tells exhibition visitors

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Artists might be said to bleed for their art, but their viewers are rarely required to do the same. That’s exactly what Russian artist Andrei Molodkin is asking of his audience, however, for a new installation titled “Young Blood.”Molodkin’s work forms part of an exhibition called “Black Horizon,” opening Friday at the BPS22 museum in Charleroi, Belgium. “Young Blood” will appear alongside “НАСРАТЬ” (“To s**t on”) by Erik Bulatov, a fellow Russian artist.

Visitors to “Young Blood” will be invited to have their blood drawn at the gallery by an on-site doctor or nurse. Then, they’ll see their offering fed via pneumatic pump into the transparent lettering of their choice, spelling out lyrics from censored or blacklisted songs. Molodkin expects to add new pieces with different lyrics throughout the exhibition, he told CNN, saying, “It’s like a mural for our times.”

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