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Leaked Google Pixel 4 prices only (you may want to start saving now)

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Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are going to be some seriously pricey phones. That’s if the latest leak around the hotly-anticipated handset is anything to go by.

We’ve certainly not had any shortage of leaks around the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL successors – with in-depth hands on videos appearing online, and even Google itself sharing high-resolution images of the final design before the announcement.

And now Irish online retailer Elara has posted listings for the as-yet unannounced Google products and revealed a rough idea of the pricing.
According to Elara, the entry-level Pixel 4 with 64GB of storage will start from €819.98, which is roughly £723. Given that Google Pixel 3 started at £739 when it launched last year with the same 64GB built-in storage option that seems about right.

But when it comes to the Pixel 4 XL, things get pretty pricey. Elara claims the jumbo-sized smartphone will cost €1126.68 with the maxed-out 128GB storage option.

That works out around £993, which is pricier than the already-expensive-enough Pixel 3 XL, which topped-out at £969 for its 128GB model. Of course, currency conversions only give a rough indication of what to expect from the pricing of the new handset.

Google will likely adjust its pricing slightly based on the local market, so it’s perfectly possible we’ll see the Mountain View-based company keep exactly the same pricing tiers as it had with the Pixel 3 series last year.

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