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Lion King first reactions: ‘GAME CHANGER’ What the reviews say after Lion King premiere

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“I’ve never seen anything like it, and I think it’s going to change how we look at movies forever.”

However, he hinted that despite cutting-edge technology the live action film struggles to convey human emotions through the expressions of animated animals.

While Mike Ryan wrote: “I think it’s the most beautiful effects movie I’ve seen.

She also bigged up Beyonce in her role as Nala, who has been given a bigger storyline in the remake.

Ms Verhoeven added: “It’s a true testament to the lasting effect Disney movies have on all generations. ‘Timon and Pumbaa steal the show. And BEYONCE!!!”

Critic Terri Schwartz, on the other hand, thought Beyoncé and Donald Glover are “fine if underused” while “the comedians and especially young Simba JD McCrary stole the goddamn show.”

The film is a “landmark visual experience” that could “change movies forever” according to Adam B.

Critic Beatrice Verhoeven said the movie’s visual mastery brought her to tears, she wrote: “The Lion King delivers.

“It’s a visual masterpiece that will leave you smiling and crying the whole time.”

Ms Verhoeven praised Billy Eichener and Seth Rogan for “stealing the show” as f Timon and Pumbaa.

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