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Mate 20 Pro best feature has just been outclassed by a ridiculously cheap rival

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It’s hard to deny that the Mate 20 Pro is a supreme smartphone that includes some of the most radical features you’ll find on a flagship.

This device was launched late last year and arrives packing a fast Kirin 980 processor, clever triple rear camera and the ability to refill other phones via a technology called reverse wireless charging.

Another of its biggest bonuses has to be the 4,200mAh battery that’s tucked inside its glass and metal shell.

This mighty power pack offers up to two days of usage on a single charge and is certainly a major reason to consider upgrading to the Mate 20 Pro.

Along with a standard G7 and cheaper G7 Play, Motorola has also revealed a device called the G7 Power which arrives with a giant 5,000mAh.

This phone boasts 2.5 days of usage on a single charge but how does it really compare to the Mate 20 Pro?

The G7 Power doesn’t hit stores until March 1 but has already taken delivery of a review unit and has been able to place these phones side-by-side in an ultimate battery test.

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