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Neil Critchley explains how Jurgen Klopp helped inspire Liverpool stars to win in Shrewsbury

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Jurgen Klopp urged his Liverpool youngsters to take their opportunity before their 1-0 win against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup on Tuesday night. Neil Critchley was in charge of Liverpool’s Under-23 side at Anfield, with Jurgen Klopp and his star players enjoying a Premier League winter break.

Liverpool’s youngsters beat Everton in their FA Cup third round clash in January to set up the Shrewsbury showdown.

The Reds drew 2-2 in Shrewsbury last month, forcing a replay at Anfield on Tuesday night.

Klopp confirmed he would not be present, insisting he had faith in Critchley and Liverpool’s youngsters to get the job done.

And Critchley says Klopp had some words of encouragement for the players heading into the FA Cup showdown.

When asked what Klopp told the players, Critchley said: “The boss was in touch this afternoon with some words of encouragement and advice.

“He phoned at half time too – technology is a marvellous thing now!

“What he does is give you total clarity, belief. He told them to play the Liverpool way and go for it.

“That’s how the first team plays, so he said this is us, this wis what we do what we stand for and what we believe in, and you’d better go for it.

“And from the first whistle we did that.”

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