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New iPhone 11 release – Apple fans get ultimate view of what may be coming soon

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However, some impressive new concept images have now been posted by DBHK-Hasan Kaymak Innovations in Kassel and offer the best view yet at the changes that may be inbound from the US technology firm.

The very lifelike renders show an iPhone that will have a similar screen design to the current iPhone Xs.

This display covers almost the entire front of the phone with a just a thin bezel and notch at the top of the device.

Although things look identical on the front it’s the rear where things get much more interesting.

The new triple camera set-up can be seen in all of its glory with this new rear snapper taking up a larger part of the case.

As well as three lenses you can also clearly see how the flash may also be included within the camera module.

To add fuel to these camera rumours an alleged leak has revealed a dummy iPhone 11sporting this triple set-up.

The image, which was posted online, claims to be a photo of a device used by case makers to produce their protective products.

That device included a triple camera design and could be a clear indication of what’s to come.

Along with that dummy phone, a number of renders have already appeared online which have given fans a good idea of how the iPhone 11 could look.

Although it’s not been officially confirmed, rumours suggest this latest flagship will get an all-new triple rear camera which could bring a swathe of photography features to this hugely popular device.

With three snappers it’s likely that Apple will bring an improved zoom and the addition of a wide-angle lens for better landscape shots.

There’s been a huge trend in adding more cameras to the back panel of phones with many Android devices, such as the new Galaxy S10, already including this new technology.

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