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New Samsung Galaxy Buds WILL offer a feature you won’t find on Apple’s AirPods


Samsung is about to announce a swathe of new products with its first major Unpacked event of the year kicking off later tonight. Although its new smartphones will be top of the agenda, fans may also get to see some other shiny new devices including upgraded Galaxy Buds.

These new wireless headphones have been rumoured for a while but, ahead of tonight’s official launch, fans have just been given a very good a what’s to come.

Footage posted on YouTube by top tech tipster Roland Quandt, claims to show a real pair of new Galaxy Buds+ with a full unboxing taking place for all to see on the video sharing site.

Although these new wire-free headphones look very similar to their predecessors, there appears to one giant change.

On the rear of the box it shows these buds will last for a massive 11 hours on one charge – that’s more that double what Apple’s AirPods are capable of.

It’s pretty impressive stuff and means they should easily keep you powered through a whole long haul flight without needing a refill.

According to Quandt, he was able to play 3.5 hours of loud music and still had over 50 percent left in the battery.

Although that power is impressive it seems that the new Galaxy Buds+ do have a couple of downsides.

Firstly, there appears to be no noise cancellation included which may disappoint those wanting the ultimate music experience.

Apple’s latest AirPods Pro offer some very good sound blocking technology which means you won’t hear any sound around you when listening to your favourite tunes.

There is one final thing that might not go down so well as the Buds are also rumoured to be more expensive than the originals.

Rumours suggest they will cost €169 which is a slight increase over last year’s headphones.

We’ll find out full details during the Unpacked event and will be bringing you live updates on the all the big announcements.

In one strange twist, Samsung has already revealed a product that is coming soon.

The Galaxy Z Flip was shown off in an advert during the Oscars ceremony with it revealing a device that features a clamshell design similar to the Motorola Razr. Once opened, users will get a giant screen to watch movies and play games on.

A small screen on the front will display notifications and messages so you can keep on top of things without flipping open the phone.

Expect more news on this and Samsung’s other devices in the coming hours with the big event starting at 6:45 pm GMT.

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