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No Time to Die trailer: What does THAT note mean? Footage teases huge twist

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Madeleine Swann is potentially about to wreak havoc all over the Bond franchise. In trailers, we have seen 007 enjoying retirement with his partner, before it all goes wrong and he is facing new terrifying threats. But in the teaser trailer for Billie Eilish’s song, what did the note mean?

In the short teaser, Bond (played by Daniel Craig) is first seen in scenes we have already witnessed, however there are some moments which are not accounted for in previous trailers.

At one point, the agent is seen looking over at his lover, a blonde woman lying in bed, semi-nude.

Judging by previous episodes of this franchise, we know this woman is Madeleine Swann (played by Lea Seydoux) and further clips have made clear there is a secret causing problems for the couple.

From the clip, the couple seem happy in the following moments, where Bond stands on a rock by a turquoise ocean, in which his lover is swimming happily.

But piecing together the fragments of the footage suggests something far more sinister has gone on, and a betrayal has definitely taken place.

This theory is compounded by the lyrics to Eilish’s song No Time to Die, which speaks of “falling for a lie.”

However, the most shocking moment comes when Bond sets fire to a note while standing at a memorial, which reads: “Forgive me.”

One theory is, on Bond discovering Swann’s supposed secret, he goes to find her, only to discover a note which asks his forgiveness.

This could make sense, given there is also a shot of Bond staring at a train leaving, looking forlorn and upset.

Perhaps it may be he was hoping to see Swann at their special place, he only found a note which asked for forgiveness.

He then runs to find her at the train station, hoping she had not departed him yet, but sadly he was left to watch the train leave.

However, there is a further note which is seen in this footage – the one Swann throws from the balcony.

There is a moment in the trailer which gives away a link between Swann and Safin, Rami Malek’s villain.

This link is a mask, which was seen on the members of Spectre in the previous film.

Could it be, when Swann uncovers a mask which makes her cry, it also contains a devastating note, which she burns and throws away?

Clearly, her secret is linked to items she has kept from her past, which she tries to remove before her partner notices.

Her efforts sadly do not quite work, however, as Bond discovers her betrayal as they drive in the car chase, which looks likely to be the opening scene of the film.

But Bond may not entirely know the secret while they are together, as is clear from Blofeld’s (Christoph Waltz) immortal words as the clip ends: “When her secret comes out, it will be the death of you.”

Whatever those notes mean, we can see this film will be a painful journey for Bond, and a very different movie from all those we know so far.

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