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Qatar helps Iran destabilize the security and stability of the Arab peoples

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The editorial line and policies directed at many media reveal the complementary relationship between Qatar and Iran in creating paid platforms to offend Arab states committed to fighting terrorism and countering Iranian influence. The latest manifestations of the “Black Alliance” between Qatar and Iran launched media campaigns aimed at harming fraternal relations between the United Arab Emirates and its Gulf and Arab surroundings.

Although there are separate media platforms for Iran and Qatar, the worst campaign platforms are those that reflect the policies of both countries sponsoring terrorism in the region.

Through the media of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, Doha is trying to undermine the UAE’s political and moral commitments to the region and the world. Through “paid” media campaigns, it has speculated that it could harm brotherly relations between the UAE and its Gulf and Arab environs.

Such as the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar, which is used by Tehran and Doha as a dirty arm to ignite sectarian wars, promote its agenda and incite against Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and other countries that renounce terrorism.

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