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SNP shame: FURY as Joanna Cherry rudely heckles Priti Patel in fiery Commons clash

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SNP MP Joanna Cherry interrupted Mrs Patel branding her apology to Ms Cooper as fake. Yvette Cooper received abusive messages from a local Conservative politician who said he was going to hurt her. Priti Patel was in the middle of expressing her sympathy with Ms Cooper when she was rudely interrupted.

Ms Cooper asked: “On Friday the deputy chair of the local Conservative Association was jailed for nine weeks for menacing communication including threats against me. ‘I have already organised for her to be hurt.’

“The Chair of the local association has today written to me expressing regret and apologising for what he described as the grave and unacceptable action of their member who has since been expelled and I have welcomed that support.

“But it is of concern to me that it has been thus far that there has been no similar concern or regret expressed by the national party.

“I still am concerned that although I raised this case with senior members of the national party this individual was still able to be at the general election count after he had been summoned.”

“I ask the Home Secretary, therefore, to condemn these threats in the strongest terms.”

The Home Secretary responded and said: “I thank the right honourable lady for presenting to the House today the horrors she has endured and for making the case very strongly and robustly that there is no place in society or in public life for threats and intimidation.

“In terms of the national party response, she can take it from me right now that I am hugely apologetic for what she has had to put up with.

“That is simply unacceptable and that is something we should all be mindful of and look into as representatives of major political parties none of this should be tolerated.

However, as Mrs Patel continued her response she was interrupted by chuckling from the SNP.

Edinburgh South West MP Joanna Cherry continued to taunt her labelling Patel as “insincere” in her response.

Conservative MPs erupted in shock at the interruption shouting “shame” and “withdraw” at the MP.

Mrs Patel received cheers for her response as she quipped back “This is a very serious matter. This is not a laughing matter.”

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