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Spider-Man Far From Home: Tom Holland reveals THIS Snap opened the MCU MULTIVERSE

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Verified Marvel leaker TheMarvelScoopMaster wrote on Reddit: “I have heard he is the AI when Peter puts on glasses but cannot confirm.”

Assuming this is true, it sounds like Tony will be Spider-Man’s new AI in his suit, replacing Karen. This would mean his mentor would be with him always, giving him advice throughout Spider-Man Far From Home.

But is Mysterio the one behind them really? He is a master of manipulation in the comics after all.

In a new video from a fan event, Holland revealed: “Mysterio in this movie is actually my new best friend.

“We team up together to fight these Elemental creatures because when Thanos snapped his fingers, these creatures came through the dimensional rift.”

In the latest Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, we learn that Mysterio is from an alternate reality to Earth-616. While Nick Fury explains how the events of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame opened the MCU multiverse. Now in a new interview, Holland has revealed which Infinity Gauntlet Snap did this. After all, there was Thanos’ dusting one, his destroying the Infinity Stones one, Hulk’s one and Iron Man’s one.


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