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Star Wars 9: New photos confirm Snok’s epic scene in Rise of Skywalker

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A series of new images has been released online. Following on from all the incredible reveals made during the Triple Force Friday merchandise preview last week, Star Wars fans will be thrilled to see fantastic new shots from the movie itself. One image shows Kylo Ren and his stormtroopers facing some kind of huge explosion or force. The second promises a spine-tingling return to Snoke’s throne room.
The titanic Force battle between the two characters is impressive, and obviously takes place just after Kylo killed Snoke, who can be seen in two pieces in the background. The scattered corpses of Snoke’s Praetorian Guard clarify that this is happening after Kylo and Rey briefly teamed up together in that epic throne room battle.

What is going on? Will the scene also include new information about Snoke?

There has been much speculation that Snoke was actually a puppet of Palpatine – or even acting as a host body for the Emperor’s spirit.

JJ Abrams has categorically said he will not be changing anything from Rian Johnson’s movie, however, there is clearly plenty of room to put a new perspective on key scenes.

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