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Surface event: Centaurus dual-screen display, Windows 10 update and everything else we expect

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Microsoft mailed out invitations to its annual Surface event earlier this month. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can learn from the invite itself.

The invitation is emblazoned with the date – October 2, 2019 – with the social hashtag #MicrosoftEvent and a variant of the Windows logo etched into what appears to be an aluminium shell. Even Sherlock Holmes himself would struggle to eke out any details about the forthcoming devices from that motif.

Thankfully, Microsoft has followed its initial cryptic invite with a tweet that hints that we could be in store for something big from the company at its event this week.
The official Microsoft Surface account posted on Twitter, “We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: New and innovative things are coming at the #MicrosoftEvent. Tune in Oct. 2 live on Twitter at 10am ET to see why we’re #pumped.”

The hashtag is a joking reference to Surface chief Panos Panay who often describes himself as feeling “pumped” at the start of the event because of his passion for the latest hardware. It’s a nice little wink to loyal followers of these Surface hardware event, but it’s not why we’re excited.
Especially given the rumblings we’ve been hearing all year about Microsoft preparing a new dual-screen device, codenamed Centaurus, that would function as both a tablet – so you can watch Netflix shows on-the-move, as well as more serious productivity tasks – like signing off PDFs, editing Excel spreadsheets, and more.

That’s exactly the same niche that the original Surface tablet was designed to fill. According to reports, the Centaurus will be Microsoft’s next-generation vision for this same idea. And it’ll be powered by 5G, too.

As a result, the all-singing, all-dancing new portable device will probably cost more than the Microsoft Surface series.

There’s some dispute among tipsters about what size we can expect the Microsoft Centaurus to be. Some put it around the size of a 13-inch laptop or a tablet like the Surface, while others have pointed to a pocketable design that’s closer to the size of a smartphone when the two screens are folded away. If that’s true, we’d expect it to look like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which can be used as a smartphone or expanded, thanks to its pliable Infinity Flex touchscreen, to cater to more productive tasks, like running multiple apps side-by-side.

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