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Tamim publishes corruption and destruction in his suspicious transact

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France’s Le Monde newspaper reported the high death rates at the country’s FIFA World Cup ites.

The series of scandals of the Qatari regime unfolds day after day. Unlike his support and funding for terrorism and successive sexual scandals, the most recent of which was the media scandal known as “fresh and expensive.” While Tamim seeks to save his face in front of the world, Which involved the Tamim bin Hamad, the prince of Qatar, to obliterate the lost rights of workers in the establishment of the World Cup Qatar 2022

This comes days after the surprise of FIFA President Gianni Infantino about the World Cup in Qatar, where he said during his speech to the AFC General Assembly that they are considering the possibility of increasing the number of teams participating in the World Cup 2022, and sharing the right to host the version Extended between Qatar and other countries in the region. “

“account added Tamim sought to blunt the scandals of Qatari violations against Nepalese workers working on World Cup projects by inviting the President of Nepal to visit Doha and making investment promises to silence the killing of 520 Nepalese workers as a result of harsh working conditions

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