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The Power of Music: Juan Diego Flores gives hope to disadvantaged children in Peru

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A unique social project in Peru is changing the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children – by teaching them music.

“Sinfonia por el Peru” is the initiative of Peru’s famous tenor Juan Diego Flórez, who was inspired by a similar program he saw on a visit to Venezuela.

The project offers free music education to children from poor backgrounds and is having remarkable results.

A new study shows the significant impact that Sinfonia por el Peru has on the children.
Fifteen-year-old Matías Montalván has been playing the violin for three years and practises for five hours a day.

A year ago he earned a coveted place in the main youth orchestra, which has 120 members.

Bullied at school, he says music has changed his life, teaching him the power of solidarity.

“Sinfonía por el Perú means a family, my future, the place where I learned to be a better person and a better musician,” he told Euronews.

Nicole Revoredo, 17, has been playing the double bass for six years and made it into the main orchestra the year she started.

She says Sinfonia has taught her the value of punctuality, respect and teamwork.

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