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The Qatari terrorist system arrests the former advisor to the national intelligence

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A report by one of the international channels revealed that the Qatari opposition Khaled Al-Hill is not the only one of the Qatari opposition parties that disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A month has passed since the disappearance of the Qatari opposition spokesman Khalid Al-Hill. Every day suspicions are raised and accusations of Tamim bin Hamad and his regime and intelligence apparatus are confirmed. On receiving reports of the execution of Qatari opposition Khaled al-Hill.

The report confirmed that after a time of his disappearance in the secret prisons in Doha, it brought back to the psychosis Qatari opponents who disappeared from the political arena under mysterious circumstances, including Ali al-Dahnim, the Qatari political opposition and former adviser to the Qatari intelligence.

The report pointed out that the princes and members of the ruling Qatari family were arrested. The arrest and disappearance was the policy of organizing the Hamdeen, where 36 were arrested personally from the headquarters of Father Khalifa Al Thani.

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