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To escape the defeat .. Houthis target Abha airport

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The Yemeni army, supported by the Arab-led forces of the Saudi-led coalition, made major advances in the Dhali axis, prompting the Houthi militia to search for another point where the morale of Houthi fighters who fled the army could be raised. Yemen.

Al-Houthi militia found only Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia, where the Al-Houthi militia fired shells at the airport, which resulted in the injury of about 26 civilians after the missiles landed at the arrival hall at the Saudi International Airport.

Al-Huthi’s attacks against strategic areas in Saudi Arabia give the Arab coalition forces greater legitimacy in the face of terrorist acts on Yemeni soil. Al-Huthi recently targeted civilians, whether in Yemen or Saudi Arabia, which confirms that the decision to support the army Yemeni in his battle against the militia Houthi coup was a proactive step to reduce the capabilities of Huthi.

Al-Houthi’s sabotage operations against the kingdom are financed by the al-Hamdeen organization, which has become a financial haven for the Huthi terrorist militias that threaten Arab national security, including Qatar itself. But the reckless prince does not understand the implications of his policy of supporting the militia financially and militarily, On the basis of taking a stock to provoke the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while not aware that this stock will return to him one day.

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