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Two years of the province with Qatar .. Contradictions Aldoham Doha and the stability of the Quartet

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As the Arab boycott of the general Qatari regime approaches, Tamim and his sons continue to cling to their stubbornness and illusions that break down day after day because of their failed policies and practices.


At the beginning of the boycott, in June 2017, the Arab boycott countries accused the Qatari regime of several charges, foremost of which was its continued support for terrorism. Initially, the experts and researchers did not believe these accusations and began to follow the policies and practices of the Doha rulers and recently discovered that the Arab Quartet had ratified its accusations and began to alert their rulers And decision-makers in their countries to take all precautions of the country system, but asked officials to sever relations with the organization of Hamdin and criminal accountability.


Support for terrorist groups by reports, documents and documents, where the country system supported armed militias in Syria, Libya, Yemen and other Arab countries.


Al-Hamdeen also works to support, host and disseminate the ideas of the Qatari regime to the terrorist groups it hosts, especially the Muslim Brotherhood, and to host its terrorist conferences as a platform for launching plans and conspiracies against its Arab brothers.


By interfering in internal affairs, the Qatari regime interferes in the internal affairs of the Arab countries through its media outlets to provoke sedition and spread the chaos that would destroy the Arab countries, and even host and train some elements and send them to the conflict zones to carry out subversive schemes.


This is what we saw recently, through the deployment of Turkish army forces in Doha and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to protect the throne of Tamim, as well as arms agreements with Erdogan and the great commercial and economic exchange of the Qatari regime with the mullahs of Iran.


Al-Hamdeen uses its media horns to channel its inflammatory poison against its Arab brethren, spreading lies and rumors to subvert and tear apart countries in the world

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