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Vitamin B12 deficiency: The sign in your ears that could signal you lack the vitamin

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Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.

Most people get enough vitamin B12 from their diet but certain groups make struggle to top up the nutrient this way, putting them at risk of a B12 deficiency.

According to medical website LiveStrong, B-12 is needed to produce myelin, the protective and insulative sheath surrounding nerves.

Lack of B12 causes communication between nerves to deteriorate, an impaired mechanism that can lead to tinnitus, explains the health site.

Bolstering the claim, an Israeli study published in the American Journal of Otolaryngology found that tinnitus is associated with vitamin B12 deficiency and that patients improved with B12 supplemental therapy.

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