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Windows 10 boost: These simple tricks could make your PC much faster

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Windows 10 allows users to choose which applications will be launched when a PC is booting up.

Microsoft’s Task Manager app allows fans to customise the software that will be opened at such time.

Intense applications that are launched on startup can result in initial sluggish performance.

However, by heading to the Task Manager app and pressing the “startup” tab, the user will be given the option of choosing which programmes will launch when the PC is turned on.

Microsoft’s client even has a “startup impact” section that will tell users if a particular programme is having an adverse effect on initial performance.

In order to turn off programmes that are booted up at launch, users should right click them and press the duly-named “disable” button.

Windows 10 allows users to choose a plan that manages how each PC distributes its power.

The three available are “balanced”, “power saver” and “high performance” with the former being the setting Microsoft recommends users choose.

PC owners that are using the “power saver” option are hindering performance in exchange for better power management.

While such a feature can be appealing for those using laptops and are far from an outlet, even desktops have such options.

Ensuring you are using your Windows 10 computer on either “balanced” or “high performance” modes will ensure much better performance is delivered.

In order to change the power plan being used, Windows 10 fans should head to the system’s Control Panel and head to the “system and security” tab.

From there you should press “power options”.

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