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Windows 10 cull: All the features that Microsoft is about to remove from your PC

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Microsoft is always introducing new features into its hugely-successful Windows 10 operating system. In fact, the Redmond-based company is already testing a series of features set to be added early next year, including the ability to submit written queries to Cortana – instead of always having to ask out loud. There’s also the ability to redownload the entire Windows 10 operating system in a pinch from the cloud, and a new version of Notepad that will now be updated through the Microsoft Store.

However, Microsoft is also pretty ruthless when it comes to dropping features from Windows 10 when it isn’t happy. The company has updated the list of features currently on the chopping block. Top of that list is the My People app (also know as “People” within the operating system).
This app, which is now listed as “No Longer In Development” by Microsoft, can be found on the right-hand side of the taskbar along the bottom of your screen where it’s represented by a small icon of two grey figures. The app is designed to bring together your contact lists from various accounts so that you can quickly search for someone you need to contact – whether it’s with a text message, a Skype call, or a professional email.

Sound useful? Yeah, that’s what we thought too. But according to data from Microsoft, which keeps tabs on how Windows 10 owners are using the software to try to make improvements to the most popular features and remove resources from those not getting any attention, nobody was using the My People app.

That’s led Microsoft to announce on its Windows 10 depreciated features list, “My People is no longer being developed. It may be removed in a future update.”

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