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Windows 10 update could make this feature Microsoft underrated better


Windows 10 is comfortably the most popular computer operating system in the world, surpassing Microsoft’s now unsupported Windows 7 and Apple’s macOS. The software is hugely popular for its constellation of features geared towards productivity, entertainment and more. By far one of the most underrated aspects of Windows 10 is its integration with Android though, and it seems Microsoft is hard at work to make its relationship with Google even more harmonious.

Microsoft unveiled the Your Phone app for Windows 10 back in 2018. The premise of Your Phone is simple – improve the ties between Windows 10 and Android so users can seamlessly read notifications, messages and more on their phone without having to tediously switch between their phone and computer.

At the moment, the Your Phone app serves three primary functions – it allows Android users to receive and manage their phone’s notifications on a PC, read and reply to text messages on their PC and instantly share photos between devices.
Microsoft isn’t stopping there though. In fact, members of the Redmond firm’s Insider beta programme can already use the Your Phone app to make and receive calls from their PC. This feature is expected to arrive for all in Windows 10 version 20H1 that’s expected to release in the first half of this year.

Additional functionality for Your Phone could be on the way though. That’s according to WindowsLatest that recently rummaged through the latest version of the app.

The outlet said it found references to a new Content Transfer feature it noted could be leveraged to send documents from your Android phone to your PC, or vice versa. It was speculated other types of files may also be included in the new system, although this is unconfirmed.

WindowsLatest said it was able to switch the feature on using a hack. However, the publication noted it was unable to use the new sharing tool in its current form.

Being able to share documents between a Windows 10 desktop or laptop and an Android device could be extremely useful. After all, intuitive versions of Microsoft Office apps are already available on the Google operating system that could allow you to complete work on a document while you’re on the go.
Of course, Microsoft already offers its OneDrive platform to keep files in the cloud for multiple devices to access. However it seems the new sharing system for the Your Phone app could be used as an alternative.

It’s currently unclear when the new Your Phone feature could debut – alongside the new phone calling feature in Windows 10 20H1 perhaps?

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