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Windows 10 update: Microsoft has finally released a fix for these major computer issues

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The new firmware was supposed to provide remedies for a number of known issues with the American firm’s May 2019 Update.

However, a number of users insisted after they had installed the update they started experiencing two critical issues with their PC.

Describing the problem, one user said: “I just installed KB4512941 and now Windows Search is broke and Cortana process in Task Manager takes 90 percent CPU.

“Am I the only one with this problem?”

Responding to the Reddit post, a number of other Microsoft fans confirmed they were experiencing similar issues.

The second problem that appears to have plagued Windows 10 users that have installed the KB4512941 update surrounds the operating system’s Search bar.

Essentially, a number of users have complained the firmware has effectively broken the function.

Discussing the matter, one Microsoft fan said: “I have a group policy in place to disable the Windows search from searching the web.

“Everything was working fine until today when update KB4512941 was installed. The search menu is totally nonfunctional, when I disabled the gpo and restarted the system, everything was back to normal.

“Is anyone else having issues with the KB4512941 update? I have since uninstalled it.

“This is how the search menu looks now, no search results at all.”

This particular user attached an image of their search box after the latest Microsoft update had been installed – an item was searched for but the tool only appeared to display a black box.

While it had previously not responded to the reports in question, Microsoft has now admitted the KB4512941 is causing such problems for a “small number of users”.

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